Tasty cake with chocolate.

Tasty cake with chocolate.

Tasty cake with chocolate, I must say that one delicious cake,and easy made.About a half hour and perhaps a little more time on preparing, you have the most delicious smelling desert.Soft, sea walnut gives it a very nice smell, a special flavor Chocolate.I’s prescription.


-2 eggs
-10 tbsp sugar
-10 tbsp oil
-10 tablespoons milk or mineral water (I did not put the water)
-10 tablespoons flour
-1/2 baking powder
-5 tablespoons poppy seeds
-1 teaspoon minced sea walnut
-50 g chopped dark chocolate to eat
-300ml syrup-sweet syrup or 10 teaspoons of sugar with 10 tablespoons of boiled water, about 10 minutes.


Whisk eggs with the sugar in a thick mixture, add oil, water or milk, reduce speed mixer on the lowest speed.

Then add the flour, cakes, poppy seed, chopped chocolate,marine walnut powder.

Connect the ingredients I spoon Pour the cake that is baked in greased oil and flour sprinkled mold.

Baked cake 18 minutes at 180C.

Cold cake Pour cold syrup.

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