Succulent chocolate cake

Succulent chocolate cake

Ingredients: (for 3 biscuits)

15 eggs
15 tbsp sugar
300g ground walnuts
3 tbsp of chocolate powder
9 tablespoon ground biscuits
after a bit of baking powder biscuits for all three and half rolls
For the filling:

1 l of milk
4 vanilla pudding
15 egg yolks
6 tablespoons sugar
250g icing sugar
400g margarine or butter
100g melting chocolate
150g ground biscuits
100ml Jaffa orange juice
300g ground nuts-and they can chop or roasted hazelnut
4 vanilla sugar
For the ganache cake decorations of 300g of dark chocolate melted with 300ml cream.

And a side piece of chocolate cake that I adhered to the side and cake decorations.

For the above used secerni bouquet, and bibamarice of sugar mass.


First, prepare products for preparing cakes and biscuits nuts, grind and baking pan for baking incase baker paper 40cm-45cm or round baking pan diameter: 28cm.

Whisk egg-whites with 5 5 tablespoons sugar foam, flour mix with baking powder, and add 3 tablespoons flour, 1 tablespoon of chocolate powder, and 100 g of ground nuts.Mix ingredients and pour the mixture to the peel in the pan, the furnace to 180C in a heated Peck, more crust to dry about 20-30 min.

All 3 crust pretend like as the first, leave them to cool and prepare the filling:

In a larger container for the filling rile mixer, egg yolks with sugar, add vanilla pudding, and 100 ml of cold milk mix well sastojke.U greater filling of the cooking receptacle, place the remaining milk to boil, pour the mixture of egg yolks and cook the filling and on its side to cool.

Whisk the butter and powdered sugar with vanilla sugar and unite with cool fill.Fill zaim divided into two parts.

Melt the chocolate with a little milk and add in one part of the cue, the other part of the cue to add ground biscuits soaked with orange juice.

In both fila add half of ground or chopped walnuts or roasted hazelnut.Mixed fillings to be individually combined to nuts and fill the cake.

Put the tray first bark, but the bright fil again crust and chocolate filling, and finish with the choir, and the whole cake coating with fil.Trebate leave little cue for coating cake.

Place the cake in the fridge to cool and stretched for a time to make a ganache of chocolate and cream.

Pour the entire cake with ganache and chocolate on the soft, stick the whole piece of chocolate cake on the side.

Decoration finish at will, with details of flower or a small sugar ladybugs depending on the kind of occasion cake store.

Recipe:sa bloga Lila S.