For the meatballs:
grated carrots – a teacup
grated zucchini – a teacup
grated celery – half cup
fresh green onions – green part of two sticks
fresh parsley – half connection
red pepper one level teaspoon
a protein
flour – two tablespoons
salt – one level teaspoon
oil / olive oil for frying

For milk sauce:
yogurt – four tablespoons
mayonnaise – one tablespoon
parsley – half connection
salt to taste
Mix grated vegetables,salt and stirring good.So starts to work and the liquid from zucchini and carrots beginning to emerge.
Hands pressing the vegetables and mix with protein and flour.Add chopped green onions and parsley and red piper.Mixed well with your hands or a spoon mixture and fry in preheated pan is nonstick maznina.Not need much, but it should have.
Fry until golden and finished meatballs  cooking on paper.
At meatballs prepared milk and yogurt sauce, mayonnaise and parsley as many unifying the taste of the meatballs and sauce.

* When I did the first dose posolih finally the mixture has become very rare of which took a lot of oil when frying, so the second posolih early pressing and vegetables.
* Celery when fresh is very intense flavor and therefore should not prevail, its quantity is better to be less than other vegetables.
Izvor:Svetla Ivanova.