This is definitely the most delicious meatless cake, and also recommend it for people allergic to eggs, milk and nuts because this dessert does not contain. In front of you is rich and slightly modified variant of the recipe that called Lean Africa circulating social networks for some time.


600 g cherries (pitted)
150 g sugar
For crust:
300 g sugar
18 spoonfuls of flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 tablespoons cocoa
4 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons of sour cherry jam
100 g minced lean biscuits
Filling I:
2 Chocolate pudding
200 g chocolate
1 teaspoon rum flavor
150 g icing sugar
300 g minced lean biscuits
for the filling and decoration II:
250 g cream powder lean
4 dl sour water
Several cherries
50 g of grated chocolate

Preparation:first Cherries (fresh or thawed) mix with 150 g of sugar and cook since the point 20 and the drain minuta.Cool and retain liquid.
1. In a bowl pour 4 dl cold water, then add 300g of sugar and stir until the sugar is melt.Then add jam and oil and stir again.
2. In another bowl put flour mixed with bicarbonate of soda, minced lent biscuit and cocoa, and then unite wire of dry and wet ingredients.
3. The resulting mixture separate it into three equal . Special pour into baking paper  pan (my 22x32cm) and bake in oven at 180 ° C for about ten minutes.
Phil I
first drained the juice from the cherries, measure, and add water to a total volume of 5dl.Od and quantity subtract 1 dl and dissolve the pudding powder, and the rest to heat the ključanja.Cooking pudding and remove from heat.
2. Immediately add the diced chocolate and mix to melt.Ostavite to cool.
3rd Beat margarine with 150 g of powdered sugar, and assemble it with cooled cream.
4. At the end stir in minced low-fat cookie.

Final step:
1. Prepare a cream with low fat sour water from the refrigerator.
2. On the first layer spread half cherries, brush with half the chocolate filling, so apply a coat prepared šlaga.Postupak filleting repeat again and stacking finished third choir.
Third chilled cake decorate as desired.
This time I smeared whipped cream, sprinkled with grated chocolate and decorated cherries.

NOTE: A cake you can make with raspberries instead of sour cherries al them then Rack up on the crust without cooking, and the entire filling and cook or water and then 300 g of powdered sugar whisk with margarine or in juice of raspberry / strawberry and then you say chocolate filling as in this recipe.
You can of course and quite without fruit and so you will have an exceptional chocolate.

Izvor: by Marina Stanojevic