American cake brownies, my dessert for the day.I myself to make something delicious to desert.A these cakes are really special, delicious and does not put a lot of sugar.

I am instead of butter used margarine.I have very tasty cookies.Have and other variants making, but this I really liked, so I resolved to make a cake with half measures.


100g dark chocolate for cooking
50g sugar
70g butter
2 eggs
80g flour
half a teaspoon of baking powder
1 Bag of vanilla sugar
30-50g finely chopped walnuts
50g black and white chocolate for cakes on the
mold for baking a diameter of 20-20cm.


In the bowl of torture mutiti first eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar.

Melt chocolate, nuts, finely cut, and save to add to the dough.

When the sugar has dissolved and mixture thickens egg, add the softened butter or margarine.

Add and omeknutu chocolate, and flour with baking powder.

Then add the walnuts, pour the mixture into the mold size 20 to 20cm.

On the test put grated mixed white and black chocolate.

Bake 20 170C, remove from the oven and insert a little more and a little grated white chocolate black to look more beautiful cakes.

Finished cake cut into cubes, and serve very delicious homemade cakes .very tasty homemade desserts.

Recipe by cook recepti