Cake with cream fill.

Cake no baked with cream fill.

16 pcs eggs
500 grams of butter
500 grams of chocolate

300 g whipped cream
300 grams of ground plasma
500 grams of sugar
for decoration
400 gr. slaga

Preparation of :
Whisk egg whites with 16 250 gr.secera.
500 gr.margarina whisk with 250 gr.secera, but in it add 16 yolks, 200 gr.mlevene plasma and 500 gr.melted chilled chocolate.

Combine the two mixtures. Resultant mixture divided into two parts.
From one part Bake 3 crust.
In the second part add 100 gr. ground plazme.Him resulting mixture is filling crust.
Filling when the crust cool: peel-fill-slag …
Garnish whipped cream
Add crust in the pan that is lined with aluminum foil, does not need film to oil.My pan is 28 × 32 cm.

My note for you:Eggs must be cooked by steaming if they go into unbaked cake..with salmonella.

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