Succulent dessert of eggs and ready-made crust-baklava.

succulent Greek dessert-baklava

Succulent dessert of eggs and ready-made crust-Baklava

-Package filo pastry – 500 g
-one bag of butter – 125 g

For dairy meal
-Milk – 1.5 liters
-Eggs – 4 large
-Incomplete cup sugar – about ¾
-Butter – 100 g
-Wheat meal – a cup approximately 160g
-1 packet vanilla
-3 orange – bark, shredded into fine grater

For the syrup
-300g sugar
-Of Three Oranges Squeezing juice
-plus the juice of half a lemon
-supplemented with water to 200 ml
-1 again vanilla

First prepare the milk meal. Pour the milk into a suitable bowl, add sugar and orange peel. Put on the stove to heat and when it starts to boil, add semolina. Stirring constantly, to thicken and do not stick to bottom of pan. Once thickened pull from the heat and begin adding a very thin stream of beaten eggs. Put back on the stove as Keep stirring until it begins to boil. Get out of the heat and add vanilla. Stir well and leave aside. After 5 minutes, add the butter, cut into small pieces and stir to mix completely.

We begin to arrange trays. We use square or rectangular tray with dimensions smaller than the size of the peel. This is done so that in order to peel the bottom layer they protrude from the tray. Then they will wrap sweets.

Arrange half of the peel in the tray each sprinkles with melted butter. On these sheets sent down cold cream, but not too cold because it tightens and can not be spread nice. Spread evenly over the entire surface. Above begin to arrange the remaining half of phyllo, this time do not go outside the boundaries of the tray. Again spraying each crust with melted butter. Finally wrapping the lower peel back and also smeared with oil.

This reconstituted cake should narezhem squares or rectangles. It does not have the knife to go to the end, because after baking cut easier, but you must select the pieces.

Put Galaktobureko be baked in an oven preheated to 190 degrees. This temperature was allowed for 15 minutes and then reduced at 160 ° for another 35 minutes.

After subtracting the finished cake, leaving it to cool for 30 minutes. Thus we can flood the hot syrup. We prepare it by putting a suitable container on the stove, which sent down the ingredients for the syrup. First weigh whether the juice from the oranges and lemon juice are 200 ml and if not – top up water. Then add the vanilla and bring to the boil with the sugar. Once the boil 2-3 minutes, remove from heat and pour over cake.

Allow several hours to cool and take good syrup.


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