Seasonal dessert.




400 g white flour
200 ml. lukewarm water
little salt
2 tablespoons sugar
150 gr. butter or margarine
For caramel:
140 gr. sugar
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoon butter
4 huge halved peaches and peel (can also use of compote.)
In a deep sad mix them together the flour, water, Salt and sugar. Knead a soft dough. Extend in the rectangular area and apply a set of butter entire surface. Fold go to book and let it rest in the refrigerator round about 30 minutes.
Extend go dough in a rectangular area again and again go to graduate . Let rest 30 minutes again.
For that time in the refractory pan, melt the fire sugar together with honey. You need to get dark brown, golden color. Add butter and go halves of powder. Leave the average temperature is about 2-3 minutes.
Extend go and cut the dough circle hip pan. Powders from above like this dough and immediately the prepared Tart  oven in the oven of 190 degrees about 20-25 minutes.
Although the whole mixture will be liquid at, leave about 5-7 minutes to chill and throw the tart go to a bowl.

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