Mint drinks with lemon.

200 g mint
700 g of sugar
2 lemons
1 liter of water

The mint leaves are washed very well and poured into a suitable container / I distributed them in two jars /. Sprinkle with leavened lemon juice and add water. The drink is covered, covered with household foil and taken to the refrigerator for 2-3 days, after which the water drains and the sugar is added to it. Stir well until sugar dissolves and refrigerates. Before serving, dilute to taste with cold carbonated or normal water and plenty of ice.
According to many sources, green peppermint is also added to the peppermint syrup. Indeed, the color that is produced is much more spectacular, but it is a mistake for me to spoil this refreshing summer elixir with artificial colors, especially when consumed by children. Cheers!