Freshen your drink ice cubes with herbs and fruit.

fruit and herb-ice

As special in your drink? Freshen your drink ice cubes with herbs and fruit

Creating edible craft does not have to be complicated! Prepare a colorful cubes with delicious fruit and fragrant herbs is so simple that it can handle even small children.

Potes them all their senses, they are not only refreshing, but also tasty, fragrant and beautiful to look at. You can not add even edible flowers to create a appealing and also functional decoration and unique flavor summer drinks. Ice cubes with fruit fit into the domestic soft drinks, while ice cubes with herbs before they land lemonade or iced tea.

Fruit and Herb Ice Cubes


  • Fresh fruits: raspberries, blueberries, currants, bits of lemon or orange, pineapple and blackberries,
  • fresh herbs: mint, thyme, lavender and rosemary,
  • Edible flowers: violets, roses or edible pansies,
  • filtered water,
  • mold for ice cubes.

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