Cheescake with raspberries.

Lemon yogurt cheese cake with rasberry.
Lemon yogurt cheese cake with rasberry.
Lemon Yogurt Cheese Cake wit praspberries.

Ideal for the summer heat, because the cake is not baked and make it in less than half an hour and speciality  like as with raspberries.

The ingredients for the crust:
120 g of the milled biscuit
50g chopped walnuts finer
60 g butter, melted
Ingredients for the filling:
360 g raspberries
500 ml of a thick yoghurt
250 ml of fresh cheese (quark)
Sugar 100 g
Cover of a lemon
13 g of gelatin
125 ml of milk
In a bowl put milled biscuit, (I used the Graham cracker who is already milled) Add chopped nuts and melted butter and hand all unite.
The mold, size 25cm X 10cm coat with plastic foil.
Pour the mass of biscuits and hand pressed around the bottom.
Leave aside.
In a bowl pour the thick yoghurt, quark, (if you do not have quark can use and mascarpone cheese, which I used as in this my village there is no quark cheese), sugar, lemon peel and all well merge into a homogenous mass.
Gelatin pour cold with half the milk and stir well and the other half good warm up and pour over gelatin and mix to a smooth paste.
Pour into a mass of cheese and all well unite.

Pour half the weight over the driven biscuits, align half of the raspberries, which are pre-washed and left to dry, pour over the raspberries and the second part of the cheese and over linr up remaining raspberries.

Leave in the fridge to settle and up through the foil and covered raspberries and leave them in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours to weight tightened.

Pleasant !!!