Baklava with homemade bark and nuts.

Recipe  baklava with homemade bark.

Necessary ingredients
For dough:
-3 eggs
-Fresh milk – 1 cup
-Oil – 1 cup
-Baking powder – 1 bag
-Vinegar – 1 tsp
-salt  0, 5 teaspoons
-Flour – about 1 kg
-Starch – 500 g, for baklava
-Nuts – 2 cups, crushed for filling
-Butter – 200 g, for overflow
Sugar – 4 cups
Water – 5 cups
Lemon juice – 0, 5 teaspoons, fresh
* measure units
Way of preparation:
Mix soft dough from these ingredients. Divide it into 30 equal parts and make balls. Stretch your work surface with starch and dilute each ball with a bowl size for the cup.

Set the bark to 3 piles of 10 bark, and sprinkle an abundant starch between each crust.

Reinstall each pile again with a trowel on a 36 cm tall patch.

Place the first crust in the carpet and equally distribute the first glass of crushed walnuts. Uncover another pile in the bark, place it over the walnut, and place it on the nuts again.

Cover the third crust and cut the baklava onto the rhomboids with a sharp knife. Rinse the butter and pour it evenly over the baklava. Bake in preheated oven at 160 degrees for an hour.

Pour water and sugar syrup into the pan, place on a strong fire to cook. When you break, reduce the fire volume and leave to cook 10 min. then add lemon juice.