Juice with apricot .

juice with apricot

Juice with apricot .

The recipe is taken from the blog, otherwise this is stored in the Middle East and the original name is Homemade . I liked what it did not have to do for hours, it was cooked in 20 minutes and we can have juice or pancake spread over the entire winter …. Do not have a pantry? And you do not need it because this is stored in the freezer. Try, you might like it.

juice with apricot


1 kg of apricot
1 kg of sugar
Juice of 1 large or 2 small lemon


Apricot wash, cleaned from the stumps and if there is something after them, cut into half or a quarter and it does not have to.
Put them in a deeper sherry with a heavier bottom.Pour sugar over them and leave them overnight to quit.
On the next day turn on the rind and put the shark and let the sugar begin to dissolve, reduce the temperature and cook, occasionally mixing, for 20 minutes.
Apricot will soften and make a thick mass
After 20 minutes, remove from the ringleader and leave to completely cool and add lemon juice to the chilled.
Put in the blender and pour into a fine creamy mass.

Put the sampled mass in small freezer bags as long as you have enough for one use.
Store in the freezer and use as needed.

If you make the juice immediately, put apricot mass and add water or mineral carbonated water, as much as you like to have it sweet, add more lemon juice and lemon rings and serve cold.
If you make a larger amount of juice that will be immediately drunk, the “apricot meat” will separate from water, just mix before pouring into glasses.

I’m not sure if sugar can be reduced, probably it can, I made this tour according to the original recipe.