Sweet with bly plums.


This housewife must know: Learn to save sweet plum (VIDEO RECIPE)

Learn to save sweet plum, because only in this way you will have a quick service for unannounced guests!



1 kg of sugar

300-400ml water

1,200g bly plums
A branch of a rush
2 vanilla sugar
1 limon sugar
1 lemon
200 gr of slaked lime


Lime mix a liter of water and add another liter and mix well. Leave for at least three hours for the lime to settle and to clear  water, writes grandma kitchen.
Plums wash, and peel off. Pour 2 liters of water into the pan and pour one lemon sugar. Plums have to go into this solution for at least an hour.

Sprinkle clear lime water. Remove the plum from the lemon sugar, and then sprinkle it with clear water.

Leave plums for another hour in lime water. After that, plums need to be washed and rinsed well under a cold water jet.
Put sugar in the pan and pour 300-400 ml. water and bowl. When sugar is extracted, add plums.

Add vanilla sugar and chopped nuts as well as lemon to circles cut. Cook for about 30 min. Until thick and white bubbles burst out in the sherry.

Before you remove the pan from the stove with a spoon, remove a little sweet and cool and look at the density. Pour the plums into the jars with a metal seal, so turn each bowl upside down.
Leave it until the next day, turn them around and arrange them in shelves with the rest of the winter.

Recipe with homemade.Bakina kuhinja.