Fresh cake desert.

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Fresh cake desert cream.

The cake is very creamy and juicy, I recommend it warmly for all occasions!

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Ingredients 20 people
For bark:
6 eggs
10 tablespoons of sugar (crystal)
10 cabbage flour
1 crack for baking
100gr chocolate black for cooking
50gr butter / butter
Ganas 1
750ml sweet cream
400gr chocolate black for cooking
50gr butter / butter 2
250ml sweet cream
2-3 cartons of ganas cream 1
1 Rum Sugar Dolcela
Cream from hanging:
500gr fres sherryes
500ml + 100ml water
7 tassels of sugar (crystal)
2 Pudding vanilla
3 tablspoons sweet sherryes

For bark  I bake in a mold 20x33cm and a cold rope trim on three sheets. Mix the eggs with the sugar until the sugar melts and then add flour, baking powder and melted chocolate with butter [melted and slightly cooled]. Pour into a mold coated with paper and bake in a heated oven about 25min to 180c. Roll the fried pandaspan over to the kitchen cloth and cut it coldly into three sheets of bark.
1.Ganas cream; Heat the sweet cream and when he starts to squeeze from the side, add the broken chocolate and butter and soak it in a nice way. Let’s get cold.
2. For the second cream, wet the creamy cream, add 2 -3 packs of ganas cream and according to the desire of the rum secer or rum.
3.Filter visage: We put visions, water and sugar to boil for about 4-5min and then add pudding, sprinkled in a little water and cook the cream. Let’s get out of the fire and let it cool down. I used sweet and hungry, so I removed the viscera and purified the liquid with water, and heated it with this syrup. You can bake with juice or syrup for taste.

Putting the cake: Put the first batch on the spot, sipping with syrup, covering 1/3 of the creams, apply 1/2 creme of hanging and hanging from the sweet. During the cream, we ½ of the creamy cream or cream 2 are masked. We repeat the procedure and after the third crust we cover the entire cake with ganas cream.
I’m just a cake sprinkled with chopped walnuts and hazel nuts and you decorate in your ukusuSlaganje cake: The tray put the first bark, dripped syrup, coating 1/3 ganas creams, applied half cream pie and cherry from slatka.Preko cream pie spread 1/2 of the whipped cream and kremom2. We repeat the procedure and after the third crust we cover the entire cake with ganas cream.
I only cake with chopped walnuts and sandwiches, and you decorate for your taste

Well chilled, over coffee or taste! A good appetite !!!!

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