News from the field of blindness and stink.

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News from the field of blindness and stink.

Recently, I received as a gift, but also buy a lot of new products. Because really looking forward to trying out their and use, and I decided to share with you that this is my news:

Initially, the products which are tried out perhaps most looking forward to, Maybelline Korek, which I got from my sister. I’m really wanted to try these products, which are highly acclaimed, and are not available to us. As soon formed some impressions, expect a review.

Although we were not necessary at the moment, I could not resist my favorite mascaras on discounts . Avon Luxe Mascara is now in a special spring package, while Maybelline mascara for a long time been on sale in Lilia.

Brand Essence is back on the shelves Lily, which I was very pleased. I took this Maškarić brow, I’ve read a lot of positive reviews. In addition to giving the color, there are tiny hairs, which will fill the brows in one go. My in darker version, I think that will suit me.

I long for strengthening nails used Evelin easy 8 to 1, but now I decided to try out the new nail to strengthen and recover my nails, I chose this brand of Essence. I hope this will be an adequate replacement phenomenal Evelyn.

As recommended, I decided that instead of my favorites and many times mentioned Avon foam cleanser, try L’Oreal Sublime Fresh foam. It is intended for normal and mixed skin, contains no soap, no alcohol, and cleans the skin and removes makeup. Was action in Lilia, so I bought it for about 480 pounds, and very much looking forward to using.

Avon I recently bought this chocolate shower gel. It smells great, very thick, really smell and texture reminiscent of the pudding … I got the Avon lacquer base pinkish color. We’ll see how the show, in any case, I like the shade, but can also be used independently …

As a gift I received a beautiful Aphrodite set consisting of shower gel and body lotion beautiful voćkastog smell. Sweet packaging and smell great for spring … I recommend this Šetić …

I finally got the Balea shampoo for deep cleaning hair, I told a lot of positive things I read. This shampoo is used once every two weeks, and should cleanse the scalp and hair of all sinter product styling. It contains no silicones, prevents charge of hair, effectively clean scalp and removes tartar from the hair, giving it shine, volume and softness. I’ve never used this type of product before, but its features and ingredients sound very good, so we’ll see …

In the end, no less valuable gift Dove milk for liquid beautiful fragrance and the test of perfect texture, which absorbs quickly and easily spread, providing softness and hydration of the skin and luscious soap heart-shaped brand Hedera Vita.

I hope you like them my news, and that sounds interesting to you in the future to read reviews of these products. I’m certainly looking forward use, tried out and summarize the impressions of all the products on the blog.

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