Beautiful things make us happy and fulfilled.

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Beautiful things make us happy and fulfilled.
Our life can be changed in seconds. Expected or unexpected. Forever.

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This post is about life and reality that life brings, and that is that we need to live and experience the beautiful moments, because life passes for moments.I when we get old we know that we have something i have experienced in zivotu.Our age does not remain empty without memories, and that our job is not to do too .I love and others that allow us love,are nicer than love.
Sometimes we are not aware of how much we are actually happy. Happy to have a roof over their heads, family, friends, we have what to eat and drink and what we have every day the opportunity to use it to the maximum.
The opportunity to live every second, minute and in every possible moment.
Too much time is spent innocently, of which we do not have any benefit, then think how fast the time flows. Too much time is spent lamenting and worrying what will happen if this, what if what I do.
One is life and there appear both good opportunities and chances that may never be, but we are the same and looked for.
And why ? Because I do not dare to take the risk, do not we fight and we do not live life the way we should.
Until the moment we see a temptation to us so beware that in the end we do repent.
For all that we missed and for all that we consciously avoid.
Building memories, bitter and sweet, because at the end of the day, what binds us to times gone by and people are memories. Life should not be a mere survival.

Therefore, dear reader, and pray that tomorrow when you open your eyes and when you wake up, you just smile and be thankful that you woke up. What have you got a chance to live another new day and you have a chance that in this day achieve your goals you’ve outlined. So repeated every day.
And if posustaneš, does not give up!
Lift your head, smile and move on.
We live life and not let life live us …
As Ivo Andric says: “All lives are real nice and heavy.”

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