Taste Kinder cake the delights.

Taste Kinder cake perfect taste,very delicious homemade cake,and nice.Taste the delights kinder cake.
For the crust:

-6 // fresh egg white is retained at room temperature

-6 tbsp sugar // flat

-1 tablespoon lemon juice

-50 g chopped hazelnuts

For the cream:

-6 yolks

-6 tbsp sugar // flat

-1 liter of milk

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-10 tablespoons flour // tipped full

-150 g white chocolate cream hundred // SI

-200g dark chocolate minimum 70% cocoa

-150 g butter (I used moderately salty butter), butter kept at room temperature // not Margarine
It is necessary to:

-100g Oreo biscuits

-200 gr nutele

-400 ml cream // aka cream with hundreds of higher-fat, I used 40% mm

-For decoration (optional)

-50 g of dark chocolate

-40 g chopped hazelnuts

Preparing the crust:

Turn the oven to 150 degrees C.

Hazelnuts overdone briefly in a dry skillet or sauce pan, a minute or two. Then they chop and crush with rolling pin.

Whisk egg whites firmly mixer. When the mass does not move when you rotate the bowl, add sugar gradually, spoon by spoon and stir 2-3 minutes, or longer if necessary, then add the lemon juice and extra blur 3-4 minutes.

Mold for baking cakes (I used the volume of 26 cm) with the baking paper and sprinkle the bottom with chopped hazelnuts, then pour scrambled egg whites, settle to put in the oven.

Reduce temperature to 100 degrees C and bake about 60 minutes.

If the bark is not enough baked (or dry) still continue, baking 5-10-15 min, depending on the volume of the oven.

Crust will be reduced during the grilling about 1-2cm diameter (will separate from the edges of the mold) and may not be flat, because during cooking grows in visnu, is inflated, and after cooling is lowered. Looks do not matter at all.

Baked crust removed from the mold with all the paper and put it on the grid for cooling. When completely cooled overturned on a base of the cake so that the layer of lesnicima be worse. Care will fill them later.

Ring (the ring) from the mold in which you baked crust, return around the crust. This is necessary to make the cake was perfect shape and to filovi nice tightened.

Preparation fila:

Separate approximately 200 ml of milk and leave aside. The remaining amount of bet that is cooked with vanilla extract.

Whisk the egg yolks fork, just enough to be broken, then stir in flour, sugar and milk. All nice mix so as not to create lumps.When the milk starts to peck, skoloniti the plates and reduce the heat to a minimum.In the beaten yolks with the flour, gradually add the milk starts to boil, with constant mixing.

Phil then pour it in a pan in which the electric milk and return to the burner. Cook with constant stirring for 3-4 minutes.Cooked fil leave to cool.When the half-cooled, stir in the butter that you have previously kept at room temperature.Allow the cream to cool completely.In the microwave melt the white and dark chocolate.

*** When melting, take care not to overdo it, defrost it just to be nice to mix or not to be liquid.

*** White chocolate is smoother than dark by reason of the possession of cocoa, which gives it extra density, therefore it carefully and gently dissolve and be prepared that you will be more fluent fil lighter than darker. After cooling, everything will be perfect density and structure.

The cooled fil divided into two parts. In one Stir the melted white chocolate, and the second part of the melted dark.

Filleting cake:

Koru lesnicima coated with a layer of nutellu.

Cake Oreo biscuits particular of white cream, then you’ve broken arms and a biscuit Order by Nute. Nutellu covered completely.Pour the white cream and settle.Next in line is to put a dark cream.

Cake covered with adhesive foil (cellophane) and leave in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours before serving and store in the best case today for tomorrow. The temperature in the fridge for a couple of degrees lower when you normal temperatures between +8 and +4.

Before serving, carefully remove the ring mold for baking, flatten with hand cream cake, whisk cream (not slag from the bag or plant varieties) and smear cake.

Garnish as desired. For example, sprinkle lesnicima and make a decoration of melted chocolate.

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