The ritual of rolling out an egg.


The ritual of rolling out an egg.


From time immemorial, to cleanse a person from damage, fear and other negative programs acquired, was used ritual rolling out an egg. This healing method is very effective. Even my grandmother used it when the children and grandchildren were small and ill. Damage, to remove, of charlatanry used those items for which tolerated destructive program – a wax, salt, tin, egg.

As the wax, the living structure of the eggs easily takes over all evil with energoobolochek person. egg rolling out procedure is not so much human energy shakes as casting wax. Therefore, the egg can be run in both children and pregnant women.

This method is very good for training and initial knowledge of the laws of the universe and himself. We can compare this method with zero (preparatory) class at school. Try, learn, but remember, there must be development, because no headway leads down. The next step – learning mutual Energy.

Rite Rules

Egg rolling out to be alive – from the chicken, which fertilizes the real village cock. Eggs produced in poultry, are not suitable for this task. Amateur, Kata person with damage eggs without embryo (dead), could inadvertently reset the damage.

Even a short shelf live eggs in the refrigerator considerably lowers the efficiency of the ceremony – the embryo “sleeps”. Eggs should not be subjected to any treatment. In particular they can not be washed. Previously wise woman went into the chicken coop, and took a new-laid egg – from him is the biggest benefit.

Use dishes, which are broken down “Squeezer” eggs for anything besides this ceremony, you can not. And dishes are used for this purpose must be glass. For water, in which the egg is broken, faceted glass used, as in every facet of the information laid.

The direction of rolling out

If a person is sick physically, we We roll him up and down. This is what we run on him spiritual cosmic energy, and the disease will send in the ground, where it is best to be transformed and converted into positive energy.

If the ward there is a mental disorder or any psychological pressure, then We roll from the bottom up. Thus, we run on it soothing material earth energy, and the disease will send into space, where it is best to be transformed and converted into positive energy. In addition, we free root chakras of negative energy and thus allow to enter the ground energy faster.

Attention! If you do not know how to roll out (top or bottom) or in doubt, then you roll out from top to bottom. Errors and damages will not.

Progress rite. Old Russian conspiracies

1. lit candles.

2. Pour water into a glass, which is used only for haulage. Before haulage person must hold a glass of water in hand.

3. A man stands holding a glass. We start to roll out. We do it according to the needs of top-down or bottom-up. Movements are small and frequent. We roll, holding an egg in his hand before the man, in a circular motion clockwise and read, whispering, plotting.

“On the bright little head, on the back straight, on white belly, on the legs spirited egg rolls, but evil eye ailment him dangle, gather all the sickness to the grains, where it is, go back.”

“Get out, get in the egg collecting, rolls, roll – evil eye, leprosy, slander, slander, omens, lapels, that far-fetched, then, that done, that tell a lot.

Egg kata – damage to rented egg kata – prolong life.

Egg kata – karma cleanse egg kata – film shoot.

Egg kata – I improve the fate of the egg to ride – add happiness.

As the egg is broken – the grandson / granddaughter

Come, dark spirits and diseases of all sorts of people: from the bones of the living, from joints, from the blood of the neck. Go to where the wind is not blowing, where the sun does not heat, where the voice of God does not come where temples are not Rod, Svarog where the lights are off. There you will keep, pour sand, reeds waving, world does not hold, hemp twist, break, sprinkle the leaves, hollows Stavan roots to pull, and World of grief and would not have to know. Fade, disappearing from the world go away, but my plot to the Holy Proto-vie take! Week of Monday, Tuesday with Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday itself – evil spirits and disease in touch. In the week the sun rises – the evil spirits and all illnesses recede! Holy ancestors, God’s Warriors, Perunova children become my help, evil spirits, illnesses sorts, chuzhevere spirited pour in the egg! Get out, evil eye, fright, whirlwind, vihritsa, draft, skvoznyavitsa, navey, naveynitsa, lunatic, paralysis. From scrap from the schema of Glum. Get off, dark spirits and all sorts of diseases, all diseases into the egg sign. From the fire, from the sword, from the invasion of the Holy Spirit Ognyanov. Get off the dark spirits and all sorts of diseases. From the head, from the ears of prostrekaniya ears.

From the ridge of the neck, from the brain, from blood, from the uterus, the bladder! Exit, dark spirits, chuzheverie spirited and all sorts of diseases. Exit: conceived, enchanted, sleepy, to be done by sending out hunting, out of work. Get a cat, a dog, a cow, chicken, sheep, girly, valiant. Get off, dark spirits and all sorts of diseases. All dark spirits and all sorts of diseases enter the egg. And there remain forever! Svarog Glory! ”

4. Divide the egg in a glass and watch.


The yolk symbolizes the inner world of man. Protein – it’s our physical shell, and outside influence.

Perfect condition – at the top of the yolk and the protein is lowered.

If the yolk oozed crashed, then the person is in a broken state, energy is destroyed, everything is running in his life, no integrity, he is nowhere seeks stunted and may die and rapidly. I, by the way, is now the following picture in energoobolochkah people watching all the time, especially those who live in metropolitan areas and “serve” system. Cities and the system simply “drink” of people.

If there are figures in the egg, it is said, which contributed to the negative impact on human life.

If the yolk on top “cap” of the protein, which means that a person has damage, omorochka.

Needles, thread from top to bottom – made dirty trick, and the protein can indicate below what damage is done.

If there are worms in the yolk and protein strands look like a grave with a cross, the tomb – damage to death.

After seeing it, we pour the contents of the cup into the sewer or into a place where people do not go. Hands sure my elbow-deep in cold water or under fire ignited.

We roll from 3 to 9 times in the waning moon. During the week, you can do 3 times and on many days there are until the moon ubylnaya.

Izvor:karma i energija.(narodna medicina)

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